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Azure Data Engineer

Azure Data Engineer The world of data has evolved and the advent of cloud technologies is providing new opportunities for businesses to explore.

Purpose: Azure Data Engineer should have subject matter expertise integrating, transforming, and consolidating data from various structured and unstructured data systems into structures that are suitable for building analytics solutions.


  1. Helping stakeholders understand the data through exploration, building and maintaining secure and compliant data processing pipelines by using different tools and techniques.
  2. Azure data engineer also helps ensure that data pipelines and data stores are high-performing, efficient, organized, and reliable, given a specific set of business requirements and constraints.
  3. An Azure data engineer also designs, implements, monitors, and optimizes data platforms to meet the data pipeline needs.

Prerequisites: Must have solid knowledge of data processing languages, such as SQL, Python, or Scala, and they need to understand parallel processing and data architecture patterns.

This Course for:

  • Data Engineers
  • Data Architect
  • BI Developer
  • Students
  • Aspiring Cloud Data Engineers

What will you learn?

  1. Fundamentals of Cloud Computing, Overview of Azure
  2. Real World Use Cases
  3. Azure Stream Analytics
  4. Azure Data Factory v2
  5. Azure Data Lake Gen 2
  6. Azure Databricks
  7. Azure Cosmos DB
  8. Azure SQL Database
  9. Power BI
  10. Azure Synapse Analytics

Why Take This Course? Highest Rated & Industrial Expert for Azure Data Engineer Courses Most Popular Course on Azure Data Engineer. 100% Syllabus Covered. Learn from a Professional Who Works as Azure Data Architect and Has Taught thousands of Students. THE MOST UPDATED AND MODERN TUTORIAL. Don't Settle For Outdated Content! Focus of this course is not just to clear the Azure Data Engineer but also learn how to implement Real World Use Cases like Slowly Changing Dimensions, Incremental Data Load etc. Plus, this course is BUNDLED with following Azure Services like

  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing, Overview of Azure
  • Real World Use Cases
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Data Factory v2
  • Azure Data Lake Gen 2
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Power BI
  • Azure Synapse Analytics

Course Duration: 90 Days

Also you will benefit:

  1. Interview Questions
  2. Soft Skills
  3. 100% Placement

Job role: Data Engineer (Microsoft Azure) For Certification: DP-203 exams

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