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Python Online Training

What is Python? Python is a very powerful general-purpose, interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, open source, high-level scripting and programming language, that highlights code readability and enables developers to use fewer lines of code in comparison with any other programming languages. Python supports modules and packages, which encourages program modularity and code reuse. Python supports multiple programming standards and has a large standard library. Python is useful for Data science, Machine learning , DevOps, IoT and AI development.

Pre-requisites: Basic C language knowledge is enough. Who can learn python ? Fresher’s B.Tech \ M.Tech (Branch: Computer Science\IT \ ECE\ Software Engineering, Data Science, Statistics). Software Requirements: Python 3.10
Pycharm community edition IDE What Can You Do With Python ? Web-Development, Data Analysis, Game-Development, Writing Scripts, Browser Automation, GUI-Development. Major Topics Covered:

  • In-depth of data types (string, list, tuple, dictionary, set)
  • Conditional statements
  • Control statements
  • Functions
  • Working with Files & Directories
  • List comprehensions
  • Dictionary comprehensions

Course Duration: 40 Days Also you will benefit:

  1. Interview Questions
  2. Soft Skills
  3. 100% Placement