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Terraform with Ansible Learn how to develop, build and deploy terraform scripts using Ansible.

What you'll learn:

  1. Terraform resources, loops, functions, templates,data sources, variables, outputs and modules.
  2. Setting up ELB, ALB, Auto Scaling, ELB access logs.
  3. Creating re-usable modules.
  4. Managing remote state files using S3, Loking state files using dynamodb
  5. Managing IAM policies and roles
  6. Setting up Relational Database Service (RDS)
  7. Creating networking VPC, private subnets, private subnets, NAT instances and NAT gateways.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge over AWS services.

This Course for:

  • Who wants to provision AWS infrastructure through terraform and seamlessly integrate with Ansible
  • Cloud engineers interested in learning basic to advanced terraform concepts

Advanced Terraform with Realtime Scenarios

  • Learn to Provision AWS Infrastructure withTerraform
  • Installing Terraform on variousplatforms
  • Hashi Corp Configuration Language (HCL) Basics
  • Update and Destroy Infrastructure using Terraform providers
  • Understanding Desired & Current States
  • Challenges with the current State on Computed Values
  • Configuration Directory & Terraform Provider Versioning
  • Understanding Attributes and Output Values in Terraform
  • Referencing Cross-Account Resource Attributes
  • Comments in Terraform
  • Understanding the Variable Block & Input Variables
  • Resource Attributes & Dependencies
  • Introduction to Terraform State
  • Terraform State Considerations
  • Mutable vs Immutable Infrastructure
  • Life cycle Rules & Terraform Functions
  • Data sources, Meta – Arguments, Count, Conditional Expressions, for-each, Version Constraints
  • Creating and Using Module – Using Module from the Registry
  • Terraform Modules & Debugging inTerraform
  • Load Order & Semantics
  • Dynamic Blocks, Tainting
  • Resource, Splat Expressions
  • Dealing with Large Infrastructure

Complete DevOps Ansible Automation Training

  • Introduction
  • Ansible Automation with Simple Play books
  • Ansible Automation with Ad-hoc Tasks
  • Advance Ansible Automation Features
  • Securing Ansible
  • Ansible Management Tools

Course Duration: 30 Sessions (Only Weekend)

Also you will benefit:

  1. Interview Questions
  2. Soft Skills
  3. 100% Placement

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